1st session with a second mutable instruments Braids module installed, and a reorganized, ergonomic module layout !
intro: Makenoise Renes’ gate x & y combined by LowGain ShortBus.
middle: both Braids come in sequenced by Rene’s qcv & cv independantly., with the mfb drum 04 processed by Piston Honda Mk2 (a bit off kilter kick, but i like that)
all clocked by 4ms QCD.

2nd session with morphing Braids together. Straight forward, one is the Drum beat, and the other is an FM pad. Such full and complex sounds. Definitely want headphones or speakers, otherwise all you’ll hear is the fm pad. All clocked and triggered by 4ms Quad Clock Distributor, PEG.. Rene & Maths on 4 stage note/cv duties.