Please enjoy these 2 live sets performed in Portland, Oregon.. synthCity!

2.11.16 – Live modular + hardware improv collaborative set. meLT: an electro valentines edition :

This is a very raucous live improv collaboration set betwixt yours truly + ChaosSoach, at – meLT, 2|11|16 – bordering on experimental noise.. and blooming at the end.
I performed using eurorack modular synthesis, and ChaosSoach processed my rig with multiple multifarious Kaoss Pad fx and filters and added some sweet synth to the equation.
Freely downloadable for your later listening pleasure. Please share and comment if you virtually snag it 🙂


2.13.16 – Live solo modular set at Volt Divers:

My live set from Volt Divers on Feb.13th, 2016. { all eurorack modular }
Free Download if you wish. Please leave a comment if you can before you download 🙂
It’s actually 2 sets. I played my initial 22min set as booked,
then got asked to play again towards the end.
So i powered my case back on, and just went for it ! Enjoy
What a fantastic evening! Thanks for listening 🙂