I’m thrilled & grateful to a have song [#27- MachSeeq] on the 30-track album ‘Modularism 2- Noises Off’ released by Law & Auder Records – “showcasing the sounds of the Modular Synthesizer and featuring artists using the new generation of idiosyncratic voltage controllable machines to perform the music for a new generation. Noises Off is the second in the Modularism series. A collection of tracks devoted to the modular synthesizer and featuring 30 artist new to the collection.┬áHave a listen and grab your copy today:



Stay tuned for 2019 show announcements! Also, I’ll be updating this WordPress blog for a fresh new look. Meanwhile, catch me on instagram for daily synth updates and randomness https://www.instagram.com/sunfallsmusic/

For more listening: here’s my live set recorded from the board at Beacon Sound 9.21.18