On January 31st 2015, SadoDaMascus Records¬†will release the 6th installment of their long running seasonal copulation CD series :: And I’m humbly one of the featured artists :: Please Join Us !

7pm, the High Water Mark Lounge

Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1572161346339829/

The lineup is stunning:


ALTO! – http://altoexclamationpoint.bandcamp.com/

Sister Mamie Foreskin – https://sdmpdx.bandcamp.com/album/sister-mamie-foreskin-sdm-006

Yah-Eef-Ay – http://vimeo.com/110097923

Not Bitter – http://notbitter.bandcamp.com/

The Translucent Spiders – https://soundcloud.com/thetranslucentspiders

Faxes (Consumer+Warm Trash)

Dr. Burtrum (of Gooo) – https://soundcloud.com/dr-burtrum

Havania Whaal – http://havaniawhaal.bandcamp.com/

Bloom Offering – https://soundcloud.com/bloom-offering

Transparent Aluminum – http://transparentaluminum.bandcamp.com/

American Merkin – https://www.facebook.com/americanmerkin

Grease Envelope – https://soundcloud.com/crucialbass/grease-envelope-ragnarok-2014

Chrome Mole Molecule – https://soundcloud.com/chrome-mole-monocle