• 2.5.13: Modular Videos|Studio BitsOpen or Close

    Winter in the studio.. video playlist.

  • 11.10.13: "33 Cyanide" Free album download!Open or Close

    Cut from the near past, built for the future. 33 Cyanide is a free album of twelve of my favorite excerpts from this spring & summers studio sessions. Pre-emptive sonic strikes before i took them to the stage in both solo and collaborative efforts. Download and enjoy!
    } Head over to Bandcamp!

  • 10.30.13: 'TLD' Review by N.SwartzOpen or Close

    Excerpt from review posted on Experimental Portland

    .."In fact, the most beautiful thing about They Love Data, I find, is that sense of space. They Love Data is a starkly minimal EP, but in no way is it depriving the listener of anything. On the contrary, that is part of its charm. The framework provided by all the intentional sounds we hear creates an aural environment for the listener to either succumb to that cold wintery sense of isolation, or, even better, let its electric jolts prod the listener’s cerebral cortex into doing something so much music does not: to imagine."..

    } enjoy the full review at Experimental Portland Presents

  • 10.27.13: ContactA : Aalto gritty bassOpen or Close

    Kicking around Madrona Labs Aalto coming up with new bass patches, triggered by the Kilpatrick k4815 Pattern Generator (modular sequencer).. hittin Ableton Live 9 with crazy midi.

  • 10.16.13: They Love Data ep releaseOpen or Close

    Explore these tracks from my minimal release 'they love data' aka (noControlCircuitry). They comprise autumns reach into new sonic territories for me. And the need to share as the sound work evolves. Part noise-broken beats-ambient-all improv based.
    Enjoy..and if you wish,
    } donate 5$ for the digital album over at BandCamp

  • 10.15.13: '550A' single up on iTunes/BandCampOpen or Close

    A bit of thee 550am lockstep groove modular style poplocket.. exploring modular sequencing. voltage controlled computers, getting prepared for full album release..BandCamp below &
    } Head over to your iTunes store to check it..

  • 10.14.13: 4 clocks 5 : Voltage TransmutationOpen or Close

    New movement. Patching clocks together and experimenting with transmuting voltage spirits into virtual spirits. Well... 4th patch in the series of MakeNoise Maths clocking Kilpatrick Audio K4815 Pattern Generator, my first 2 eurorack modular pieces.. sending midi to Ableton Live 9. (all midi events generated by K4815 PG via Maths clock, sent via Kmidi to 2 custom wavetable instrument racks for percussive noise, & madrona labs aalto synth.) Enjoy the music

  • Summer'13: Green Canaries are ViolinOpen or Close

    Minimalistic video log of some of my studio work. Occasionally screen recording the output of my electronic improvisations, as i prep for gigs.. Straight from session view to you.
    Green Canaries are Violin Vimeo Album

    Sundays in the Studio

    ..getting ready for a wild all-improv show this tuesday with an amazing crew. Exploring the dialogue IanniX [the 3d graphic sequencer} provides for the sounds in my head. seeing how it controls various aspects of each sound whilst also sending notes to the synths in Ableton Live. everyday is a trip with this sequencer, so much to learn, so many sounds to share! enjoy

  • ..about SunFallsOpen or Close

    electronic musician | sound designer | composer From his 1st performance on upturned viola, early beginnings as an uncompromising noise cellist in 2005, to full soundscape exploration in 2013. A fledgling event promoter for PAN!ZEN Int'l Phreak Electronic Mutations... SunFalls is continuing to develop and evolve as a performer & collaborator of highly experimental music.